Our Story

Why KOTi 28?

In Finnish, "Koti" means home.

After spending two years teaching in Finland, Angie, owner of KOTi 28, fell in love with Scandinavian design and lifestyle.

In September 2022, after a 28-year career in education, Angie took over what was known as The Gallery Gift Shop while in its 28th year of business in her hometown of Arnprior, and voila! KOTi 28 came to life.

  • / cot • tēe / adj.
    Finnish word for hōm
    Koti is not a place, it's a feeling

Angie MacCrae

Owner, KOTi 28

Raised in the maple forests of White Lake Mountain, Arnprior has always been home.

With a passion for fashion and decor, I love to create spaces that exude a sense of warmth and beauty.

After 28 years as a principal and educator, I'm ready to share my creative spirit with the world.

My sons, Aiden and Keaton, alongside my dedicated husband, Doug, have been beside me, each step of the way. KOTi 28 would not be possible without their support.

You can usually find me in-store sipping on an Oh-el-la Café cappuccino. Stop by and say hi!


  • Nathalie Farmer

    Assistant Manager, KOTi 28

    Living in Braeside with her husband of 27 years and their pets.

    Shop Faves: Ayala Barr jewelry.

    Oh-el-la Café Pick: Caramel latte.

  • Grace Murdoch

    Sales Associate, KOTi 28

    Recently studied for a year in South East Asia. Arnprior born 'n raised, still here with her three cats and two dogs.

    Shop Faves: Loves the funky jewellery.
    Oh-el-la Café Pick Dirty chai.

  • Dana Smith

    Sales Associate, KOTi 28

    Teacher by day, Team KOTi 28 on weekends. Proud Arnprior mom to a teen, dog and a kitten.

    Shop Faves: Ayala Barr and Pokoloko. Both brands are must-sees.
    Oh-el-la Café Pick: Maple-milk americano.

Meet Braxton

Shop Dog, KOTi 28

Braxton, hailing from places unknown, is a 5-year-old rescue pup with lots of love to give.

His favourite activity outside of supervising the shop is chasing chipmunks and enjoying boat rides. Bring him a Crumps Natural Lamb Chop treat and he'll be your best friend fur-ever.